Am I Over Training, Over Committed, or Both?

Sometimes as cyclists, our enthusiasm and motivation can push us beyond our normal limits. We plan to ride 10 miles, but the weather is so nice and the legs feel so good that we go for 20 miles. Or we plan to ride at an easy to moderate pace, but then your brain gets fired up and you fire up the legs and before you know it…you’ve averaged 18 mph for the ride and are exhausted. Then we do that over and over again on our rides. I would generally classify that as over training.
Then again, sometimes our lives become so cluttered with tasks and responsibilities that we feel like we don’t have time for anything. We say “yes” to everything presented to us, at work and at home, and we wind up with no time for the fun things…like cycling.… more

Spring Century Season is Almost Here – Training for 100 Mile Bike Ride

I think I’m addicted to cycling century rides (100 mile bike rides). There is something about the challenge of it all:
• The hours of training required.
• Riding in groups and taking pulls at the front.
• Seeing all new scenery.
• Getting blasted by a headwind in one direction and then catching an amazing tailwind in the other direction.
• Meeting new cyclists from all different places.
• Calculating the food and water amounts needed to keep yourself out of the hurt locker.
• Dealing with an unusually hot day or getting caught in a random rain storm.
All of this happening over 100 miles of open road. Yup, I’m addicted.
Now that spring century season is coming, or is nearly here, it’s time to get ready.… more

Join the 30 Days of Biking Challenge for April

30-Days of Biking is a challenge started by a group of friends in Minnesota. They pledged to ride their bikes every day for the month of April, which conveniently has 30 days in it. They even created a great hashtag to go with it:
Join the 30-Days of Biking for April right here. It's great fun and you get to ride a bike every day.
The challenge is simple. Ride your bike every day during the month of April and then share your experience on the internet with others. Here is how they say it, over at the 30 Days of Biking site:
“Joining 30 Days of Biking means pledging to ride a bike every day in April.
Through rain, shine, or blizzard. To the store, around the block, or 20 miles. Make it happen, then share your adventures online—via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, you name it—with our worldwide community of joyful cyclists.… more

Cycling Experiment with No Carbohydrates

This past week was a tough one for me, in terms of diet. I had a business trip, which took up much of the work week. This particular trip was with a large group. When this large group gets together for meals, it’s a carbohydrate festival. At the end of the carb fest, I decided to reverse direction and go with a no carb fest, or carb detox.
I have had this “no carb fest” on my to do list for a couple of months now. I always enjoy experimenting and trying new things. The real experiment started when I added cycling to the mix. Diet is one thing, but cycling while doing the diet add a whole new element. I’ll explain.… more

Reflecting on Challenges with Diet and Exercise

I am on a mission. A mission to lose weight, get fit (more fit), eat healthier, and help others find the same improvements. I have made some big changes and improvements in a short time. However, I don’t often take time to reflect and allow myself to feel good about how far I have come on the journey. I usually feel guilty for my most recent setback, like not working out for a day or eating a cheat meal.
The weight loss journey continues with some reflection on the challenges with the Paleo diet and off-season cycling exercises.
This post is my attempt to reflect a little and feel good about the work I’ve put in recently.
No Weight Loss
First, I’ll hit the negative. I can’t help myself. I have to get down on myself before I can give or receive any praise for improvements.… more

A New Cycling Challenge and Gear Discounts with Vamovo

Cycling goals and discounts on cycling products, all tied together by the folks at Vamovo. To put it another way…Ride your way to cheaper cycling products. That’s the best way to put it, that I can think of anyway.
I wanted to quickly introduce Vamovo and explain what they are all about. I see them as taking a next step, or adding a twist, in the cycling community and providing a cool way to earn discounts on great cycling products.
What is Vamovo and how do you use it to earn cycling product discounts?  Learn all about Vamovo here and earn discounts and coupons on cycling gear and products just by riding more.
What is Vamovo?
The basic way to describe this is as a way for cyclists to earn discounts by recording their rides.
Here is the way that they describe themselves:
“We think everyone deserves a pat on the back when they train hard.… more

Burpees, Bike Rides, and Baseball…Oh My

There is plenty of variety going on in my world recently. Today’s theme is centered around those activities that start with the letter “B”. If this were Sesame Street, I’d say something like, “Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letter B. Bicycle…Bicycle starts with B.”
The letter B describes the variety of my week...burpees, bike rides, and baseball.  See what I'm talking about here.
They say variety is the spice of life. Well, I’ve got more spice going on than I can shake a stick at. Let’s take the B’s in order.
I just started Week 2 in the 30-Day Burpee Challenge that I’m running over on Google+.
The burpees plan calls for adding 5 burpees almost every day until we reach 100 burpees on Day 30. Right now, we are up to a maximum of 35 burpees.… more